This new “thirsty” concrete absorbs water, up to 880 gallons a minute, find out how!

Tarmac has created Topmix Permeable, a porous concrete that allows rain water to flow though it.

Up to 880 gallons of water can trickle through Topmix, which could eliminate flooding where it has been installed.

This type of concrete can be used in parking lots and urban areas to help prevent flash floods. Allowing the concrete to soak up the excess water eliminates puddles making the roads, sidewalks, parking lots, and bike paths a safer place. The water gets recycled back into the groundwater or drainage system.
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What should I expect if I have to close my business’ parking lot for paving or sealcoating?

As asphalt paving and sealcoating contractors we know what kind of impact construction zones can have at your place of business or community. We take all precautions to minimize disruptions for your guest. Once we have a set date and time for work to begin we will create a plan of action to schedule our crews in the most effective manner.

With large scale projects we can divide the service area into smaller sections that can rotate day by date as work is completed. Ideally, larger parking lots and your entrance should have to working access points at all times.


Another way we can make less of an impact in your day to day operations is to perform work during off hours. As asphalt contractors we try to schedule jobs at times when your business is the least busy, this would include weekends, overnight, and some holidays.

As a business owner or community association manager you can help our team by remembering the following points:

  • Any locations that have limited or no access will need to be arranged for. Locked gates and  security checkpoints will need to be discuss with our project manager before crews arrive.
  • Any properties that have automatic sprinkler systems will need to be deactivated before our crews arrive. Do not turn the system back on until the job is completed and opened to traffic. Any questions you may have regarding how long to leave off the sprinkler system can be addressed with your project manager.
  • Make sure to let your employees know of the work schedule in advance. If areas of the parking lot or entrances are closed they should be given directions for an alternative route which can be discussed with our project manager and your management. Having a traffic plan in place will make the work site much safer and smoother for everyone.

Can you pave over concrete?

The answer is yes! Concrete provides a strong long lasting base for asphalt, as long as it’s in sufficient condition. However, these following problems may indicate that an asphalt overlay might not be the best solution for ideal results.

  • If the cement is breaking away, or cluttered with potholes and deterioration. Generally, the concrete can be repaired, allowing the asphalt overlay to be applied but this isn’t always the case.
  • If the concrete is warped, or sections have sunken in, been elevated, or shifted out of position, repairs will be needed for a proper asphalt overlay. This is often the case when installation was done improperly, due to the soil not being highly compacted (leveled) evenly. Neglected damage, such as deterioration from the elements causes concrete sections to shift out from their original location. Sometimes the expansion joints between two sections of concrete shift improperly along the joint causing them to shift out of position. This is usually do to poor soil.

Any minor issues with the concrete can be easily fixed. However, uneven sections or wider expansion joints are more likely to cause issues with the asphalt within a few years.
Your best solution is to contact a paving professional and have them access the situation. Asphalt 365 is a commercial asphalt contractor located in Central Florida. Give us call today at 407-344-1194 for your free site evaulation.

Top 10 Ways to Enhance Your Business’ Curb Appeal

The essence of a healthy business is having a growing customer base. The more people who come through your door and purchase the goods or services that you offer the bigger the profits you will receive. However, pulling traffic into your business takes more than just advertising, there are many factors that are involved in both building and maintaining customer traffic.

One of the underappreciated elements in establishing your business is how your store, office or facility appears from the outside. Just like your home looks more attractive when the lawn is properly landscaped, good curb appeal also brings qualities that can really help bring people into your location.

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What is Curb Appeal?

Basically, this is what your potential customer sees when they approach your business. There is an old saying that you do not have a second chance to make a first impression. The better your business looks to those who are seeing it for the first time, the better initial impression they will have of your company. For retail stores and restaurants, curb appeal can make a big difference in how potential customers will view your business.

You can check out the curb appeal of your business simply by stepping outside. Look at your business from the perspective of a customer or potential client and ask what really stands out. You may find some positive and not so positive sights when looking your business and its surroundings. However, you can make the changes necessary to create greater curb appeal for your business.

10 Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal

Visible Signage: One of the simplest, yet most overlooked ways to improve how your business looks is the visibility of the signs. If people cannot see your signage, then you have a real problem. Make sure your signs are large, easy to read and easy to spot for potential customers.

Clean it Up: Wash the windows and entranceways so that it looks new and attractive. You’ll also want to clean up any spots or stains on the exterior of the building and the signage. Once everything is cleaned up, you may want to hire a professional crew to clean your location once a month or so to maintain the appearance of your business.

Sweep it Up: One of the simplest ways to improve the curb or street appeal of your business is to sweep up the sidewalk and parking lot. You will also need to make sure that any garbage bins are not overflowing with trash as well. A service that cleans your parking lot on occasion can also be quite helpful for your business.

Add a Few Plants: If you have areas in front of your business that look plain or dull, perhaps you have dirt instead of sidewalk in front of the windows. If that is the case, then adding a few potted plants can make all the difference. You can go with fake plants if you don’t want to maintain them, but they will add a fresh, new look to the front of your business.

New Exterior Paint: A new coat of paint on the exterior of your building will make it look fresh and new. Plus, it will provide the structure with additional protection so that you have less maintenance to perform. You can even combine adding a new color of paint to your next marketing effort and create a new theme that will help draw people inside your business.

Paint New Lines on the Parking Lot: This simple act can actually improve the look of your business considerably. People often associate a parking area that looks new with a fresh, new business. It helps if your own building or facility is clean and neat as well. You’ll also want to seal-coat your parking lot to help prevent cracks and pothole from occurring.

Make it Look Clean and Neat: Too many items in the windows or storefront can have an unappealing effect. You want your business to look warm and inviting, but not overgrown like a lawn that hasn’t been mowed. Look at your storefront and remove enough items to make it look more appealing.

Put Some Items Outside for Sale: If you run a retail business and you have a few items for a clearance sale, put them outside to attract customers to come up and view them. 40% of all purchases are impulse buys and you will want to take advantage of all of them. So, if you have certain items that are inexpensive, you may want to put them outside to help lure customers in.

New Concrete Work: Is your sidewalk or entranceway becoming chipped or cracked? If so, you may want to hire a company that can replace the damaged area so that it is new. These types of repairs can make a very favorable impression on customers who recognize the value in what you are doing.

New Front Door: The front door is arguably the most visible part of your business. If it is starting to look run down and dirty from the pollution from the street, you will certainly want to clean it or get it replaced. A new front door will have the rest of your business looking like new as well.

These are just 10 ideas that can really boost the appeal your business. There are many ideas that are out there and you should pay attention to new ones that might have a positive impact. While you don’t have to use them all, it pays to know what types of improvements can make a difference.

Where to Go

You can really improve your curb appeal with the experts from B&L. They offer many services that will improve the overall appearance of your business such as the following;

  • Painting, Paving and Pressure Washing
  • Concrete Work
  • Parking Lot Sealcoating
  • Asphalt Repair
  • Pavement Line Stripping and More!

All of these services offer your business solutions that will have a considerable impact. When your business needs more curb appeal, call B&L for their line of effective property improvement services.

If you are looking for further information check out, local contractors and home builders.

Did you know how asphalt is produced?


The first step in the process for making asphalt is having a stockpile of aggregate. Aggregate comes in multiple forms of crushed stone, gravel, and sand. The blending of these aggregates is the next step in the manufacturing process. Each aggregate is sorted into cold feed bins that adjust the proper amount for the desired mixture. The aggregates run through a conveyor belt system that will transport them to the drying drum. Inside the dryer drum the aggregates are tumbled though a heated air stream. In this step asphalt cement or bitumen is added. Bitumen is the black tar type substance that is a form of crude oil extracted from oilsands. The fourth step is the emission control system. As the drying process takes place fine particles of sand and dust collect. The ECS (emission control system) removes these particles before the air goes back into the atmosphere. The primary collection chamber allows for these particles to be added back to the aggregate mix.

What is the difference from an asphalt batch plant and drum plant?
A batch plant mixes asphalt one batch at a time. This type of manufacturing plant does not incorporate the drying drum. Instead, the aggregates are moved to a tower where they are separated and stored in heated bins. Once all of the aggregates are collected and proportioned out each bin is discharged into a pugmill. A pugmill is the machine that works to mix the aggregates together. After being blended in the pugmill the asphalt is ready to be poured into dump trucks or transferred into storage silos.
Now you have a better idea how asphalt is produced.

How can porous asphalt benefit my parking lot?

A study conducted by the Texas Department of Transportation found that up to 90% of pollutants in the highway were reduced by using open-graded friction courses (OGFCs) compared to conventional pavements. OGFCs surfaces is a term that means precipitation drains through the surface layer of the asphalt to an underlying layer and finally to the edge of the pavement. These types of asphalt pavements improve the quality of runoff from rainstorms and pollutants that can collect in the roadway. Added benefits from OGFCs include reduced noise from vehicles driving on the asphalt and minimized splashing from vehicles passing over wet roads.


Porous Asphalt Benefits

• Allows for cleaner water
• Improves stormwater runoff
• Reduces highway pollutants
• Reduces water splash and spray from rainwater
• Reduces vehicle accidents
• Reduces roadside noise
• The asphalt is 100% recyclable