High Performance Patches

When underground utilities need removal, replacement, or repair it can be quite a challenge for construction companies. The pavement may need to be demolished or saw cut along the cable and pipe lines, then patched seamlessly to the existing asphalt once repairs are done. Proper utility patches must meet or exceed all requirements set by the local municipalities of soil compaction and density levels.

Repair Process

Emergency Service

We have crews available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for unexpected emergency repairs that may arise.


Trench lines will be saw cut along the repair area, the asphalt material will be removed and a clean edge will be left for the utility work to begin. After completion our field crews will inspect all courses of materials to ensure compaction and integretity of the subgrade is acceptable for new material. We will apply tack coat to ensure a proper adhesion between layers.

Final Results

The end result of a quality trench repair is a seamless patch. This will help to avoid any trip hazards left by uneven surfaces. All soil compaction levels from the base course to the surface will be met at all levels set by the municipalities in your area.