ADA Parking Lot Compliance Experts

We help to provide businesses across the state with ADA code-compliant parking stalls for visitors with physical disabilities. Your parking lot is the first impression your customers perceive when arriving at your location. Having a clean, organized, and damage free parking lot improves curb appeal and overall customer satisfaction.  We will make sure your parking lot meets all local and state ordinances for ADA compliance.

What does ADA stand for?
ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act

What are the ADA requirements for my parking lot?
This can vary by your local or state requirements. In general ADA parking lot compliance guidelines will include the physical size and layout of the individual parking stalls. Your ordinance may have specific pavement markings that may be required at your facility. Wheelchair capable access ramps, curb cuts, and other features are often installed when new construction is taking place, but some older locations may require upgrades in order to meet current ADA parking lot compliance guidelines. At Asphalt 365 we can install or make alterations to your existing parking lot.

Some types of ADA parking lot compliance requirements may include:

ADA parking lot compliance diagram of handicapped parking stall and ramp

• Travel Barrier installation or removal
• Amount of handicap accessible spaces
• Tactile Warning Systems: Truncated Dome
• Access aisles
• Curb Painting
• Sign and Post Installation / Removal
• Customized Pavement Stencils, Markings, and Stripes
• Shot and Sand blasting of paved and painted surfaces

ADA parking lot compliance requirements frequently change as laws, technology, and government standards are adopted and new safety concerns arise. Staying up to date with these changes is important for any business owner. Our expert parking lot technicians will be able to handle the design and construction guidelines for any local, state, and federal codes as changes occur.

Asphalt 365 offers complete design and reconfiguration of parking lots, traffic sign installation, asphalt and concrete ramp construction, and path-of-travel leveling to meet these ADA parking lot compliance codes. These changes are a necessity by making it accessible to persons with disabilities. Having a safe and efficient parking lot design can directly translate into higher traffic and increased business.

Avoid ADA parking compliance fines or lawsuits.
The last thing a business owner needs is a costly lawsuit, fine, or penalty by not complying with the latest ADA guidelines. A safe, compliant parking lot is just a phone call away at (877) 344-1194. We provide FREE estimates and can visit your property for a full consultation. Our scale of services offered range from simple re-striping of an existing lot to full design and paving of industrial size parking lots.