The Advantages of Concrete Curbs:

• Curb Appeal - We've all heard of the term curb appeal. The clearly defined lines that mark the transition between pavement and lawns enhance the attractiveness of the property. This is due to the clean edges between the two separate surfaces.
• Strengthens Pavement - There are several ways that curbs strengthen the pavement they are installed upon. First it helps to provide a stopping block when the construction phase is taking place. This allows a greater compaction of the concrete surface. Also the edges of the pavement will maintain a longer lifespan in higher traffic conditions due to the added thickness of the curb.
• Improved Lot Cleaning - The edges of the curb allow for much higher efficiency in cleaning for street sweepers, pressure washers, and blowers. The curb provides an area to concentrate debris making it much easier to pickup.
• Enhances Navigation - Since the curbs are generally elevated and usually a lighter color than the pavement it improves visibility for drivers during the day and night by having clearly marked traffic lanes.
• Reduces Drainage Swales - Concrete curbs and gutter systems can reduce the space needed for right-of-way traffic areas and drainage swales. By eliminating drainage swales a domino effect of other advantages arise. Less maintenance is needed for the cleaning of ditches, landscaping time and cost of ditch banks, and the care of culverts is dramatically reduces or not needed.


concrete-curb-installation (1) commercial-curb-and-gutter-island- parking-lot-2

Types of Concrete Curbs

There are two main types of curbs, each type comes in an extensive variety of shapes and sizes that can be accommodated to the regional preferences, purpose of use, and construction cost. The first one is the barrier curb (aka straight curb). This type of curb creates a clearly marked definition between the pavement and roadside surface, usually these are raised off from the ground level and provide an obstacle to prevent traffic from crossing.  The second is the mountable curb (aka roll curb). As the name sounds this type of curb allows for vehicles to approach over them without causing vehicular damage. Both types of curbs also allow for a gutter section. This allows excess water to drain along the curb line.

Curb Materials

concrete-asphalt_SQCurbs are constructed with the following materials

• Asphalt
• Stone / Masonry blocks
• Portland cement concrete (recommended)