What are the causes of potholes?

Potholes can vary in many shapes and sizes. They cause countless dollars in damage to vehicles each year and even been the source of fatal traffic accidents. They are formed by water that has expanded and contracted overtime underneath the pavement. The water seeps through cracks in the asphalt cement into the soil and once it freezes and thaws it widens and weakens the pavement.  After traffic drives over those areas it causes the further break down of the paved surface.


Pothole Repair Types:

Surface PatchingIf it is a minor repair we can add in sufficient material and compact for a flush finish.
Mill RepairIf damage is below the surface and into the asphalt base course we will mill the asphalt 2-3 inches, and then install new asphalt.
Demolition RepairThis would require us to completely remove the asphalt to the aggregate base course or native sub-grade. New material will be installed.

Proper Pothole Repair Steps:

  • Traffic Control - For the safety of the field technicians and general public, we will dispatch signs, cones, and flaggers.
  • Area Marking - The area around the pothole needs to be marked into a simple square or rectangle.
  • Preparation - This step requires of to removed out damaged materials from the top coat to the base.
  • Tacking - We need to apply a tact coat that acts as a primer before the initial fill of new materials is completed.
  • Fill - Filler materials can now be poured in and compacted every 3-4 inches creating additional layers for a stronger repair.
  • Seal - The edges of the new asphalt will need to be sealed, leaving a seamless asphalt repair.