Safety, Budgeting & Planning

The challenges a school faces is typically a tight budget and limited maintenance resources. Many institutions are aging and money must be allocated to other priorities within the education system. Our staff will work closely with education departments to develop a plan of maintenance to maximize repairs within a specific budget over a period of time. It is important to have a safe and clean environment for students. The enhanced environment raises school pride and leaves room for students and staff to focus on higher education.

Asphalt markings, signs, and safety devices are another important area all educational facilities must pay attention to. Hundreds or thousands of students can be walking the campus at any given time. Areas designated for loading or unloading, bus lanes, and fire zones will help to ensure the highest level of safety for pedestrians and vehicles alike.


Areas of Service

Standalone Buildings
Resort Facilities
Corporate Owned
Privately Owned
Franchise Owned
New Construction

Clients Include

Lake Highland Preparatory School
South Seminole Middle School