This new “thirsty” concrete absorbs water, up to 880 gallons a minute, find out how!

Tarmac has created Topmix Permeable, a porous concrete that allows rain water to flow though it.

Up to 880 gallons of water can trickle through Topmix, which could eliminate flooding where it has been installed.

This type of concrete can be used in parking lots and urban areas to help prevent flash floods. Allowing the concrete to soak up the excess water eliminates puddles making the roads, sidewalks, parking lots, and bike paths a safer place. The water gets recycled back into the groundwater or drainage system.
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What should I expect if I have to close my business’ parking lot for paving or sealcoating?

As asphalt paving and sealcoating contractors we know what kind of impact construction zones can have at your place of business or community. We take all precautions to minimize disruptions for your guest. Once we have a set date and time for work to begin we will create a plan of action to schedule our crews in the most effective manner.

With large scale projects we can divide the service area into smaller sections that can rotate day by date as work is completed. Ideally, larger parking lots and your entrance should have to working access points at all times.


Another way we can make less of an impact in your day to day operations is to perform work during off hours. As asphalt contractors we try to schedule jobs at times when your business is the least busy, this would include weekends, overnight, and some holidays.

As a business owner or community association manager you can help our team by remembering the following points:

  • Any locations that have limited or no access will need to be arranged for. Locked gates and  security checkpoints will need to be discuss with our project manager before crews arrive.
  • Any properties that have automatic sprinkler systems will need to be deactivated before our crews arrive. Do not turn the system back on until the job is completed and opened to traffic. Any questions you may have regarding how long to leave off the sprinkler system can be addressed with your project manager.
  • Make sure to let your employees know of the work schedule in advance. If areas of the parking lot or entrances are closed they should be given directions for an alternative route which can be discussed with our project manager and your management. Having a traffic plan in place will make the work site much safer and smoother for everyone.

Can you pave over concrete?

The answer is yes! Concrete provides a strong long lasting base for asphalt, as long as it’s in sufficient condition. However, these following problems may indicate that an asphalt overlay might not be the best solution for ideal results.

  • If the cement is breaking away, or cluttered with potholes and deterioration. Generally, the concrete can be repaired, allowing the asphalt overlay to be applied but this isn’t always the case.
  • If the concrete is warped, or sections have sunken in, been elevated, or shifted out of position, repairs will be needed for a proper asphalt overlay. This is often the case when installation was done improperly, due to the soil not being highly compacted (leveled) evenly. Neglected damage, such as deterioration from the elements causes concrete sections to shift out from their original location. Sometimes the expansion joints between two sections of concrete shift improperly along the joint causing them to shift out of position. This is usually do to poor soil.

Any minor issues with the concrete can be easily fixed. However, uneven sections or wider expansion joints are more likely to cause issues with the asphalt within a few years.
Your best solution is to contact a paving professional and have them access the situation. Asphalt 365 is a commercial asphalt contractor located in Central Florida. Give us call today at 407-344-1194 for your free site evaulation.