Walmart Paving to meet ADA Requirements

Asphalt 365 recently repaved part of a local Walmart Parking lot.  This work was needed in order to increase the vertical lift of the lot to meet new compliance standards for ramps.

Asphalt 365 offers complete design and reconfiguration of parking lots, traffic sign installation, asphalt and concrete ramp construction, and path-of-travel leveling to meet ADA parking lot compliance codes.

Unveiling the new Asphalt365 LeeBoy 8520 Raised on Blacktop Special Edition Paver

What it Means to be “Raised on Blacktop”

“This is not a story about business, but how you go about your business. It’s about grit, family and character revealed. In an age of globalization and big business, the family paving business is a long-founded, rooted tradition and it has never been stronger.”

As a family owned and operated business for over 20 years, the new industry anthem of “Raised on Blacktop” speaks to us in so many ways.  Today was an exciting event where we celebrated the grit of the Asphalt365 crew and the blessings of being a family run business.  And, the crew can’t wait to hit the streets in this new tricked-out heavy-commercial asphalt paver.