It’s Here! 2018 Budgeting Season

This time of year can be frightening.

Are parking lot problems haunting you? We’re here to provide detailed property evaluations for FREE, saving you time and money. We can take care of those ghastly potholes or unsightly cracks with a cost effective asphalt maintenance program. You’ll want to scream at how easy we make your pavement problems disappear.

Want to update your property with a new color scheme? Painting can make a big difference in your curb appeal!

Smoother asphalt pavement roads improve vehicle fuel efficiency.


Vehicles use less fuel when traveling on smoother asphalt pavement roads.

Pavement smoothness directly affects vehicle fuel economy. The smoother the pavement, the higher the rate of fuel economy a vehicle will have traveling on that road. Our country has over 2.5 million miles of paved roadways. If every American saved a few MPG per year, that would dramatically cut overall fuel consumption in the U.S. This would help conserve our natural resources and save millions of dollars spent on fuel.

Asphalt roads are smoother than concrete.

Each state has different standards for newly built roads. Some state’s standards are different for asphalt and concrete construction. The standards for asphalt roads are more stringent than for concrete roads.

Constructing smooth and Resurfacing smoother asphalt paved roads

Once a well-engineered foundation is set for an asphalt roadway it can be constructed and will last virtually indefinitely. Routine maintenance such as pothole repairs and crack repairs can be made as needed. After a period of about 15-20 years the asphalt pavement will need to be milled. Milling is the process of shaving the top layer of pavement. This worn asphalt can be rejuvenated and reused on-site during demolition and construction. A fresh layer of asphalt called an asphalt overlay can then be installed. Resurfacing an asphalt paved roadway will perform just as good as new.

Concrete Contractor of Orlando

Concrete Contractor of Orlando

Concrete contractors are the building blocks for this nations development.

Concrete is used twice as much than any other building material and about 70% of the world lives in concrete structures.

In Orlando, and the rest of Florida it is a superior choice since it can withstand high winds from flying debris and storm surge.

Applications include the following: Parking lots, driveways, loading zones, ada ramps, and more.

Concrete Contractor Responsibilities

1. Meet Specifications

The concrete contractor should discuss in detail all of the client's specifications involved within the project.

2. Select Materials

The concrete contractor must make accurate calculations of quantities needed in each order. The type of cement needed for strength, durability, color, and application must meet client demands.

3. Project Planning

Planning is a major aspect of any concrete construction job. The concrete contractor should have a clearly outlined plan of action. The weather, access of construction site, travel routes, and daily business operations all must be accounted for.

Some details on concrete contractor responsibilities.

Why choose us as your concrete contractor?

Our Reputation

Asphalt 365 has hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the Central Florida area because we do business the right way. We strive to provide superior quality and workmanship at fair prices. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Our Staff

We have a strong team of motivated and experienced concrete contractor professionals. We have been in business since 1999, providing not only concrete but also asphalt paving and repair services.

Commercial Services Include

  • Concrete Driveway & Walkway Installation
  • Concrete Parking Lot & Roadway Construction
  • Concrete Stairs, Terraces & Water Feature Construction
  • Concrete Repair – Cracks, Chips & Wash Out Damage
  • Concrete Design Services
  • Driveway, Walkway Demolition & Replacement
  • New Construction – Commercial & Industrial
  • Concrete Curb Design, Installation & Repair
  • Concrete Driveway Drainage Remediation

Best Florida asphalt paving company selection tips.

best florida asphalt paving company

Top 5 Tips

1. Do your research.

2. Schedule a consultation.

3. Ask questions.

4. Ask for references.

5. Choose quality over price.

Are you looking for the best Florida asphalt paving company?

There is a wide selection of vendors across the state of Florida that can provide asphalt paving. Be sure to do your homework when choosing the best florida asphalt paving company. Our tips below will outline what to look for when calling contractors to bid on your project.

1. Do your research.

Any reputable asphalt paving company will have a website, social media outlets, and directory listings. Look for customer reviews on Google, Facebook, or testimonials from clients. Does the company showcase their work with a project gallery? Companies that provide easy to find reviews and project showcases are confident in their quality of work.

2. Schedule a consultation.

We provide free on-site estimates. A project manager will come visit your property to personally oversee what areas need to be repaired.

3. Ask questions.

What do they specialize in? Do they focus on residential or commercial projects? Do they offer other services?

Are they licensed, insured, or bonded?

How long have they been in business?

Have them explain the asphalt paving process or other specific services requested.

4. Ask for references.

Review their online reputation.

Ask for a completed projects list you can later visit in person.

5. Chooe quality over price.

Review all estimate sheets and proposal agreements. Are the descriptions clearly stated of what work is to be performed?

Does your contractor offer a guarantee?

Are your other bids in the same ballpark? Be weary of contractors extremely below the others. They may be cutting corners to save material cost, which in the long run can cost you more with a lower quality product.


Experience, Knowledge, Accountability are all major factors in choosing the best Florida asphalt paving company possible.