Florida business owners want their customers to be safe when on their parking lots. To maintan a safe and attractive parking lot, these business owners always call our company for their Oviedo paving contractor needs. Our team is dedicated to quality service while always being courteous and professional. We pride ourselves on being the best asphalt company in Oviedo, and part of that is providing complete services to meet their needs.

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We provide complete asphalt paving solutions:

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We are known for always meeting strict deadlines and going that extra mile for all of our commercial customers. We are proud to serve our neighbors in Florida, and part of why we are so committed to quality is because we know that we are serving members of our community.

Oviedo, Florida

Oviedo, Florida is a thriving community that has a population of 33,342. The city is known for its many historic homes and buildings, and the downtown area is the heart of the city. The motto for the city is “Growing in the right direction”. The city has been ranked by Money Magazine as “Best Places to Live in the United States”. The city got its name after the capital city in Spain. The city was incorporated in 1925, but in 1865 is when the first homesteaders started arriving in the city.

Another successful parking lot paving in oviedo - Asphalt365, Inc.

The Econ River Wilderness Area and Park is a favorite spot for locals and visitors. The Econ River Wilderness Area and Park is where you can go kayaking, canoeing, fishing, hiking, picnicking, and enjoy seeing the wildlife in their natural habitat. If you enjoy being outdoors and you enjoy playing golf, then you can go to the Twin Rivers Golf Club where you will have plenty of challenging playing, beautiful scenery, and the best greens in the city.

Black Hammock Adventures and Airboat Rides is an exciting adventure awaiting for everyone. Visitors can go on air boat rides, see the live gator and parrot’s exhibits, and dine at the outdoors restaurant at Black Hammock Adventures and Airboat Rides.

Shoppers will enjoy going to the Oviedo Mall. There are over forty five retailers, several restaurants, and the Regal Cinemas has twenty two screens. The Coop Antiques is one of the best antique stores in the city. There is unique and hard to find antiques that will keep collectors very happy.

There are many exciting places to see and things to do in this city.

Asphalt 365 is the asphalt provider that all commercial property owners can contact for all their parking lot needs. No job is too big or too small. Contact us today and let us help you with your parking lot.

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Expansion is Executed With No Problems

We got a call from a dentist’s office that wanted to expand their paved area and has more handicapped spaces after they had taken the office next door. We were able to do this paving contractor work while also paving a small ramp that made the curb more wheelchair accessible. The office manager was thrilled with our work.

A complimentary consultation was scheduled

We met with the office manager, and she showed us the area that they wanted the handicapped spaces located along with the current ramp that they wanted paving. The parking lot was in great shape, so the striping wouldn’t be difficult (nor would the paving). We gave the office manager the estimate and she hired us and we were scheduled to start on Saturday as the office would be closed.

We did some parking lot paving in Oviedo for a nice customer - Asphalt365, Inc.

We arrived at the dentist’s office first thing Saturday morning and the crew started preparing the parking lot for a thorough cleaning. The crew started using our industrial blower to remove all the dust, dirt, sand from the surface, then they power washed the entire lot to remove gas, oil, and chemicals that were present on the surface of the lot. Doing this would ensure that the surface was clean, so the paint striping would adhere to the parking lot.

Our crew started striping the handicap accessible parking spaces first. Our crew knows the ADA Standards for Accessible Design for these type of spaces. We were able to add several regular handicap accessible parking spaces and one van accessible parking space, which would allow patients that are being brought to the office in a van that has a wheelchair lift. Once the parking spaces were completed the crew began to prep the existing ramp for paving.

The crew started cleaning the current ramp thoroughly. There were no cracks in the asphalt, so the crew started applying the sealcoating with a brush. Our crew was going to hand apply the sealcoating application because this will give the surface a nice appearance along with a long lasting life too. Once the crew had applied the sealcoating to the ramp, they let it dry thoroughly. They then inspected the surface to make sure that there were no streaks or bubbles on the surface, which there weren’t, then the crew started to clean up the job site and head back to the office.

Our crew was happy with their performance with this parking lot paving in Oviedo, and they know that the dentist will be pleased that he has the extra handicap parking spaces that he needed and wanted along with a nice, smooth ramp that can handle all wheelchairs that would be entering and exiting the office.