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Clermont, Florida

Clermont is located twenty two miles from Orlando and has a population of 30,201. One of the first landmarks in Florida is the Florida Citrus Tower, which was built in 1956. The motto for the city is “Choice of Champions”, because of the training ground built for athletes that train in the city. The city was founded in 1884, then incorporated in 1916. There is a rich heritage in this city.

We did this parking lot paving in Clermont just under budget - Asphalt365, Inc.

If you would like to learn about the history of this city, then your first stop should be at the Clermont Historic Village Museum. The museum also has the Train Depot and the Quonset Hut (World War II museum) where you will see memorabilia, exhibits, and many items that will let you learn about the lifestyle and history of the city and the people living there. The museum also has walking tours on the weekends too.

The Epic Theatres of Clermont and the Moonlight Players Theater are two theaters where visitors can enjoy live plays and performances. Both of the theaters are located in historic downtown where you can also do some shopping, visit art galleries, and grab a bite to eat. Orlando Cat Café is a unique place for coffee and cat lovers. The Orlando Cat Café is the first to open in the state of Florida. You will be able to enjoy delicious pastries and coffees while listening and watching the cats and kittens play. The cats roam free through the cat play area and you can even play with them. They offer adoption for the cats if you fall in love with one of these sweet cats or kittens.

There are many different activities that you can enjoy when coming to this city. It’s hard to take it all in after only a single day, so be sure to plan for a few days or a long weekend.

Asphalt365 is the asphalt contractor expert that business owners can trust and depend on for all their parking lot needs. Contact us today and let us get your parking lot back in shape.

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Commercial Maintenance is No Sweat!

Recently, we got a call from a property developer that wanted us to come out and do some maintenance work on the parking lot of their office building. They needed the parking lot repair in Clermont to be done on the weekend when all of the employees would be off. We were able to do this over the next two weekends without any hassle, and the parking lot paving looked nearly brand new afterward.

Several of our asphalt paving specialists met with the property developer at their location because we never want to give an estimate over the phone before we get a chance to look at the parking lot. This wouldn’t be fair to the customer. Our asphalt specialists went over the parking lot to inspect the condition of it. There were cracks present along with several potholes, but all in all the parking lot did not need major work performed.

The asphalt maintenance was about to begin

Commercial parking lot maintenance in Clermont was a success! - Asphalt365, Inc.

Our crew arrived Saturday morning around seven in the morning. The weather forecast was in our favor for the next several weeks as no rain was scheduled and the temperatures were ideal for the parking lot maintenance. The crew first started cleaning the entire parking lot. The crew used our industrial power washer that would remove all the dirt and debris along with the oil and gas stains that were present on the surface of the asphalt. Once the lot was power washed the crew began filling the cracks with approximately a quarter inch of crack sealant hot asphalt.

The crew was going to start repairing the potholes next. They cut out the current asphalt that was damaged in the potholes and several inches outward, then they removed the decaying asphalt. The crew then compacted the sub grade, then they applied a tack coat. A hot asphalt mixture was placed into the hole, then a vibratory roller compacted the hot asphalt mixture into place. The edges were hand compacted so the new patch would be even with the current parking lot surface, then the crew started to apply sealcoating to the surface of the parking lot.

Although it took our crew two weekends to get the parking lot maintenance repairs done, on the last day is when the crew applied the sealcoating. The sealcoating would provide the surface of the parking lot with a durable and strong surface along with a smooth and attractive appearance. All of the crew members that worked hard on this project was very pleased with the final outcome. The parking lot looked excellent, which is why we are the asphalt contractor in Clermont that business owners and developers can depend and count on us for superior services and professional craftsmanship!